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537th MP Company Germany

537th MP Company Germany


The 537th Military Police Company was activated in 1947 at Wurzburg,Germany. Hq and 1st and 2nd Platoon were at Wurzburg and the 3rd Platoon was at Kaufbeuren. By 1948 the unit was still headquartered at Wurzburg,but 3rd Platoon had moved to Darmstadt and a new Detachment No. 1 had taken up station at Bad Kissingen. In November 1948 the 3rd Platoon had moved to Mannheim. This assignment remained fairly constant until 1952 when the unit was moved to Frankfurt as a Corps Company. The 537th MP Co Hq and 1st Platoon was
relocated to Rose... More

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  • Burch, Richard W.
  • Veteran 1964-1966
  • Clark, Fred C
  • Active Duty 1963-1965
  • Del Ruth, Tom
  • Veteran 1962-1963
  • Gehringer, Terry L
  • Active Duty 1968-1968
  • Riley, Samuel
  • Active Duty 1964-1966
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    20 Nov 537th Military Police Company,Germany (Richard Burch)
    This webpage is dedicated to all former Military Police Officers,NCO's and Enlisted Military Policemen that were assigned to the 537th Military...
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    Most Recent Histories:
    01 Dec 3rd Plt,537th MP Co Fithen Army Airfield and Hinden
    During late 1967, the 3rd Plt,537th MP Co moved from Dragooner Kasserne,near downtown Mainz to the Finthen Army Airfield. In Mid 1968 the 3rd Plt,...
    01 Dec 2nd Plt,537th MP Company, Worms,Germany
    2nd Plt,537th MP Co was relocated in Worms,Germany from 1952 through December 1955. .
    01 Dec HQ and 1st Plt, 537th MP Co Bad Kreuznach,Germany
    The 537th MP Co Hq and 1st Platoon was relocated to Rose Barracks,Bad Kreuznach in 1952 through December 1955. The 2nd Platoon was located Taukkunen...
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